imageIt is rare to see a restaurant serve only two options of food, and its name Burger&Lobster is true to reflecting this new restaurant, which opened a month ago in a heritage building on Bree Street. (more…)

Marble FireAfter a number of promised opening dates, delayed due to construction hiccups, Chef David Higgs finally opens his Marble restaurant in Rosebank in Johannesburg today. (more…)

imageOn Saturday evening The Test Kitchen closed its doors for a six-week renovation, aimed at improving its ranking on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list. The restaurant currently is 22nd Best in the World. (more…)

Chefs who Share soup creation (small)The seven chefs teams and their sommeliers for Chefs who Share – the ART of Giving 2016 have been announced, for the Gala Dinner which will take place in the Johannesburg City Hall on Saturday 24 September.  (more…)

imageCape Town has just upped its food game, with the opening of the new artisinal Unframed Ice Cream Parlour on Kloof Street. The taste of the twelve flavours is sensational, and the unique flavour range is impressive!


artsauceThe Sweet Service Award goes to Artsauce, for the trouble it took to source A5 writing books, which I buy from them for my note-taking in restaurants and at events.  I had placed an order for them, but they had not received delivery in time for me to leave on my trip, so they sent a driver to collect the books from their supplier especially.



imageJuly has seen the opening of new restaurants Burger & Lobster, Unframed Ice Cream, ASH, and more, despite it still being the middle of winter. Shock news is that long-established Kitima is closing next week (see Postscript). A number of other restaurants have closed.

We update information about newly opened and closed restaurants continuously, and welcome information.

Restaurant Openings

#   The Stack has re-opened as a restaurant and members’ club, (more…)

imageDinner by Heston Blumenthal was my sixth and last dining experience on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list in New York and London, and stood out in its innovative menu, despite going back far into British culinary history, and its extreme friendliness and excellent service. The restaurant was ranked 45th Best Restaurant in the World in June, and is 2 Michelin star rated. (more…)

imageChenin Blanc is our country’s top-selling white wine, and is also the most widely planted white wine variety in South Africa!  More and more Chenin Blanc wines are winning awards. Sales are growing dramatically, reports the Chenin Blanc Association.  (more…)

imageOn Women’s Day tomorrow afternoon the second Divas Unite classic-meets-pop concert will be held, celebrating the special musical talents of women musicians and singers of our country. This year the concert will be held at GrandWest Arena, involving 62 musicians.  (more…)

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