Woolworths’ ‘CarbClever’ Banting range another misleading consumer rip-off, not Banting clever at all!

Woolworths Carbclever It is interesting to see Woolworths’ reaction to Banting and the (LCHF) low carb high fat eating plan advocated by Professor Tim Noakes, in how long it has taken the retailer to react to the Banting diet craze, and how it has reacted, in misleading health-conscious consumers with its new CarbClever range.

In essence Professor Tim Noakes, in his book ‘Real Meal Revolution‘, advocates a diet of no carbohydrates, such as South African starch staples rice and potatoes, as well as any wheat products such as bread, pasta, and pizza.  He advocates high fat too, suggesting lamb or other high fat meat types, butter, full cream dairy products, and more.  Sugar is completely off the Banting list.

While two Banting-focused restaurants have opened in Cape Town already (65 on Main Banting Café and the not-1oo%-Banting The Banting Kitchen), no Banting product range is known to have been launched in the six months since Banting caught the attention of South Africans.  Now Woolworths has launched the CarbClever range for ‘Carb Conscious Customers‘, odd in its choice of name (perhaps they should have referred to it as ‘Carb-free Conscious Customers’), in focusing attention on Carbohydrates, when in fact they contain (by inference almost) none.  Interesting is that Woolworths ignores Noakes’ other element of fat, making these meals unbalanced and not Banting-friendly at all!

I went to the V&A Waterfront branch of Woolworths on Friday, and asked a number of staff where I could find their Banting range, mentioning Noakes, but the staff on the Foods floor had no clue.   A friendly manager took me to the Slimmers section, where Woolworths already has a recently launched ‘brand’ called ‘Slimmers Choice‘, described as ‘Low Fat’.   There is no advertising or banner to attract attention to the new CarbClever range, which was launched about a week ago, seen on the retailer’s Facebook page. The Facebook page visual (above) is very unexciting, and shows five products in the range, but eight  were on the shelf in the V&A store.  No CarbClever products are stocked at the St John’s branch in Sea Point.

Each of the CarbClever packs uses the word ‘Fresh’, which one would expect to be obvious, and the pack copy advises against home freezing, which is odd!  The packs have varying grammage, which makes it difficult to compare, misleading in that they all look the same size:

*   Fresh cauliflower mash – a 350 gram pack costs R34,95, very expensive relative to the other products in the range.

*   Fresh smoked pork – a 340 gram pack costs R54,95

*   Fresh beef meatballs – a 340 gram pack costs R58,95 (hardly an exciting eating option)Woolworths CarbClever Beef Meat Balls Whale Cottage  Whale Cottage

*   Woolworths CarbClever Indian Chicken Curry Whale CottageFresh Indian chicken – a 340 gram pack costs R59,95

*   Fresh Thai Red chicken curry – 340 gram pack costs R58,95

*   Fresh grilled chicken – a 340 gram pack costs R59,95

*   Fresh Shepherd’s Pie – the 350 gram pack costs R47,95

*   Fresh Cottage Pie – the 350 gram pack costs R45,95.

Woolworths CarbClever Pork front pack Whale CottageEach pack front spells out ‘no rice, no pasta, no potato‘.  The Shepherd’s Pie pack describes the product on the pack front as follows: ‘Why CarbClever?  Savoury minced lamb topped with cauliflower mash instead of mashed potato‘.  The Smoked Pork pack is more hard-sell: ‘Why CarbClever? We’re helping you avoid potato by adding creamed cabbage and spinach to enjoy with the succulent smoked pork shoulder‘.  TheWoolworths CarbClever Pork back copy Whale Cottage back of the Smoked Pork pack describes the product as containing 23% pork shoulder, 25% creamed cabbage, 23% sage cream sauce, and 4% spinach.   The milk is full cream, and other specified ingredients are onion, carrots (on the Orange Banting list, eating to be minimised), cabbage, baby marrows, cheddar cheese (an absolute Banting no-no, with all the preservatives it contains), corn starch (containing wheat, it is a Banting no-no), butter, olive oil (only extra virgin olive oil is allowed, but is not specified on the pack), yeast extract (contains wheat, and therefore not Banting-friendly at all), mustard powder (only in order if preservative-free, but not specified), chicken stock, fresh sage, and dreadful sounding ‘irridiated’ nutmeg and pepper!  The ingredient listing on the back pack goes into further off-putting details, in describing the ingredients used to prepare:

*   the pork shoulder: it contains sugars (dextrose, sucrose and maltodextrine, all absolutely forbidden on Banting – maltodextrine is made from starch!); anti-oxidants (sodium erythorbate, citric acid, and erythorbic acid); and curing agent sodium nitrate, which is Banting-verboten.

*   the Cheddar cheese: it contains forbidden ingredients calcium chloride, potassium/sodium nitrate, non-animal rennet, and lactic acid, the only good element being the milk, salt, and cultures.

The Fresh Grilled chicken contains 23% grilled chicken, and 20% ‘creamy cheese sauce‘, the latter containing questionable ingredients carrots, cheddar cheese (with unacceptable ingredients as per smoked pork shoulder), corn starch, and yeast extract!  The Fresh Indian Chicken contains non-Banting friendly ingredients carrots, corn starch, unidentified ‘non-nutritive sweetener‘, the Greek yoghurt contains preservatives and ‘modified starch‘, the vegetable stock contains maltodextrin, and the coconut sauce and tamarind contain the preservative sodium metabisulphite.  The Thai red chicken contains non-Banting ingredients carrots, corn starch, olive oil (see our criticism above), ‘non-nutritive sweetener‘, and the preservative sodium metabisulphite.  The Beef Meatballs contain unallowed ingredients carrots, olive oil (as per above), canola oil, and corn starch.   The Shepherd’s Pie contains 50% lamb and 51 % cauliflower mash (!), but the ingredients corn starch, caramel powder, and the modified corn starch, carrot extract, maltodextrin, and glucose syrup in the lamb stock are not Banting-permitted!   The Cottage Pie has 50% beef mince and 51% (great maths) cauliflower mash, but its carrot, corn starch, and caramel powder ingredients are not allowed.  Oddly beef stock is not listed as an ingredient! The tomato paste content is not specified in the Beef Meatballs, the Shepherd’s Pie, and Cottage Pie, although it is listed as an ingredient, and is likely to contain a preservative too!

Woolworth CarbClever Good Food News Whale CottageWoolworths could turn around and say that it focused its CarbClever product range on not containing carbohydrates, but they do (through corn starch and yeast extract, for example).  It may also retort that it is not Banting-focused, but consumers and industry-talk has described CarbClever as Woolworths’ new Banting range, despite making no effort to emphasise its high fat product content, nor in using the B-word or referring to Noakes!  In its Issue 02 of its ‘Good Food News’, seen in Woolworths’ stores this week, and as an insert in the Sunday Times yesterday, the CarbClever range is introduced in its ‘New on the Shelf‘ section.  It emphasises the use of coconut cream in some of the dishes (but is in only one of the eight products – the Fresh Thai Red Chicken), as well as cauliflower, both typical Banting ingredients, especially the latter!

Should any Woolworths’ customers be considering buying the new CarbClever range they would not be clever at all, in being conned into thinking that the product range does not contain carbohydrates!  It only excludes pasta, potato, and rice, but is filled with other carbohydrates.  CarbClever is an expensive way of avoiding potatoes, rice and pasta, which one can exclude oneself when cooking at home!

This is not the first time that Woolworths has been accused of misleading consumers, which we have written about previously.  Grass Consumer Action is on the retailer’s case about the humane treatment of its suppliers’ pigs, hens, and Ayrshire cows, and its misleading pack labeling.

POSTSCRIPT 13/10:  The only response to our blogpost came from Woolworths via Twitter, sending two Tweets: @WhaleCottage Our CARB CLEVER range is about fresh, cooked vegetables and protein, reducing the carbohydrates. We do not want to be (1)  @WhaleCottage linked to Tim Noakes or the Real Meal Revolution – our meals do not support or endorse him or his views. (2)

POSTSCRIPT 14/10: Interest in the Blogpost has been huge, with 1154 unique readers until midnight last night!

POSTSCRIPT 15/10:  In an e-mail received from Woolworths today, the CarbClever range is introduced to shoppers, under the heading ‘Prepared Vegetables’, but the products shown and included in the range also contain bacon, mince, chicken, and pork, hence misleading Woolworths’ customers!  The copy in the email states: ‘CarbClever equals Convenience (what is the convenience factor of a carbohydrate exclusion, one may ask).  Avoiding potatoes, rice and pasta is so easy with our new CarbClever range, Woolworths CarbClever better pic via emailand you will never be deprived of options again (what a weird sentence, and what options are they referring to?).  They do not use the word ‘CauliMash‘ in the copy, despite using it on the packs, writing out the words ‘cauliflower mash’ in full, perhaps as a result of this blogpost!   They show a R10 off flash for the range, shown in a photograph, one expecting it to apply to the whole range, but when one clicks open the page, it shows that only the CarbClever Fresh Cauliflower and Gruyére soup, priced at R44,95 previously for 600 gram, is discounted down to R34,95.   Two new products in the range which we did not see in the V&A Waterfront branch are the soup, and a Fresh Cauliflower, Bacon and Cheese Bake (250 gram for R39,95).

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com  Tel (021) 433-2100, Twitter:@WhaleCottage Facebook:  click here

58 replies on “Woolworths’ ‘CarbClever’ Banting range another misleading consumer rip-off, not Banting clever at all!”

  1. Hennie says:

    Woolies seems to be missing the point of the Real Meal Revolution. The whole idea is to stop eating processed rubbish, pre-prepared foods etc. By making your own food from scratch with ingredients you’ve spent time sourcing from reputable producers you end up not eating all the rubbish used in food to make it last longer on the shelves. Real food is clearly not what this range is about. They would do better if they didn’t bother with prepared food. Just make a range of raw/unprocessed banting foods.

    • Spot on Hennie.

      It feels as if Woolies never read the book, and jumped on the Banting-bandwagon without doing their homework. They emphasise Carbs which in fact is what Banters want to avoid!

      • Carla says:

        Banting or not….WW is definitely one step ahead of any other retailers. I don’t see PnP or Checkers offering low carb meals.

        Also, your statement “Most prepared meals at a Woolworths do not contain a starch/carbohydrate, so this range is no big deal at all” is definitely inaccurate as most of the current meals contains a large portion of starch.
        Have you tasted any of the meals yourself? Even though I’m not banting, I love the low carb offering.

  2. Rita Fernandes Venter says:

    Do they actually say that it’s “Banting” or do they say it’s Carb Clever? I’m not seeing any mention of Banting anywhere.

    • Thank you for the question Rita.

      In my Blogpost I wrote that Woolworths does not use the B-word. However, Banting is suggested through the emphasis on Carbohydrates (or lack of), and the use of CauliMash in almost every one of the CarbClever dishes!

      Woolworths Tweets, in response to the Blogpost, says it all – see the Postscript.

  3. Brigitte Lawrie says:

    At the risk of being shot down and playing devils advocate. Woolworths has not in any advertising, represented these meals as “banting friendly” they are just low carb (which they are) despite the non banting additives etc. It is up to the consumer, if their requirement is to not contain something whether for banting, medical or religious reasons, to check the ingredients and then CHOOSE to buy or not. For me personally, they are just too expensive.

    • Thanks for your comment Brigitte.

      In my Blogpost and in response to another Comment I have written that they do not use the B-word, but they use the words ‘Carb’ and ‘CauliMash’, which are associatd with Banting.

      It surprises me that Woolworths slated Professor Noakes and Banting, in their Tweets to us yesterday. See them in our Postscript to this Blogpost.

  4. pat says:

    Thank you very much for this article. The secret ABD success to banting is to do your OWN home cooked meals with fresh produce MY OPINION. I am at present banting and loving it!

  5. Jen says:

    Are you Banting ms whale?

  6. Shannon says:

    They never once claim to be banting freindly, consumers can say what they like about it being the banting range – but woolworths have never claimed that nor anything to do with Tim Noakes. They are simply offering an alternative. It is the consumers responsibility to arm themselves with the knowledge of what they can and cant eat. They are not saying that it is carb free. No reason to hate on them here. Please get it right that these meals have absolutely nothing to do with banting and Noakes – so it shouldn’t even come up. Just because they use caulimash does not associate it with banting. It is just low carb – which it is actually, not in anyway is it high fat which therefore is nowhere close to banting.

    • Thank you for your point of view Sharron – you are repeating what a number of commenters have written, which we have addressed in our replies as well as in the Blogpost.

      Internally Woolworths is calling this its Banting range without using the name. ‘CauliMash’ and ‘Carbs’ are strongly linked to Banting.

      The ‘low carb’ is misleading, other carbohydrates hidden in the ingredients used, such as yeast, and corn starch.

      Do read our blogpost again for our comments about the ‘CarbClever’ ingredient lists.

  7. Cherry Crowden says:

    I’ve been “Banting” since last November and can happily report that I’ve been able to remedy all my digestive disorders and increase my energy levels. But ‘eating out’ can be problematic: it’s difficult finding a LCHF meal at a reasonable cost. I eat very well at home and shop around for fresh, preferably organic and pasture-reared products. I am disappointed with the Woolies range of dairy products, which is mostly low fat or fat-free. They sell the book – The Real Meal Revolution” – but not the ingredients to follow the recipes. I would never be interested in a range of pre-cooked meals, as I have an inherent distrust of ‘processed’ food.
    I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the Kika coffee shop on the historic main road in Paarl, which offers a delicious range of LCHF light meals during the day: their quiche is excellent. They also sell LCHF products, like Muesli and bread, to prepare at home.

    • Thank you for your feedback Cherry, and your views re Banting are spot on.

      If you come to Cape Town, do try 65 on Main Banting Cafe in Green Point, the only true Banting restaurant in Cape Town. They sell take-away Banting items too.

  8. Clint says:

    This Woolworths bashing is becoming tedious! As you point out, no reference is made to the products being “banting approved” nor carb free. They refer to “carb conscious”. You would have done better to compare the amount/type of carbs in these products to the “real deal” dishes made with potatoes etc.

    Someone fooled into the latest food fad would be an expert on the “Noakes list” and study ingredients anyway.

    One final thing, thanks “bantingists” for making cauliflower so expensive! Some of us have enjoyed it for years at reasonable prices…

    • Thank you for your view Clint.

      Quite incredible how Banting has influenced our food world, with astronomical cauliflower prices, and potato farmers having to advertise their vegetable. Next I’m sure we’ll see the bread companies begging us to eat bread again!

    • Jeez says:

      R10 for a head of cauliflower at the local veggie grocer down the road… EXTORTIONATE! Damn these Banters. Damn them and their skinny waists and glowing skin to HELL.

  9. Lizzie says:

    There are so many variations of this lifestyle we”ve adopted… banting, lchf, paleo, rmr, atkins… they can’t possibly cater for all of them. The ideal is for us to cook our own meals from fresh produce. But sometimes life gets hectic and you don’t have time or you get sick and you just can’t slave away in the kitchen… at least having a carb-clever option available at WW (even though there are some tiny amounts of corn starch in there) is a better option than giving up and making a fast food run to the local take-away.

    • Thanks for your view Lizzie.

      Most prepared meals at a Woolworths do not contain a starch/carbohydrate, so this range is no big deal at all! If you cannot freeze it at home, it has no convenience value at all!

      • Wendy Glynn Makovinyi says:

        I understand Lizzy is meaning purchasing a meal when there is no time to cook ones self so it would be eaten the same day. I’m just an outsider who came across this via a fb friend, you you really are very anti Woolworths from the sounds of all this, not just their low carb range. Anyway, I’m outta here, it is all very pedantic.

        • Not at all Wendy.

          Woolworths is still my number one retailer. But I shop there far less often because I worry about their ‘fresh’ produce lasting unnaturally long, and their declining levels of service!

    • Wendy Glynn Makovinyi says:

      Totally agree.

  10. Bronwyn Kara Howells says:

    I am the owner of a 100% Banting convenience range of ready made food products and when I noticed woollies launching this new range I was a little bit nervous. In saying that I automatically presumed (perhaps not the right thing to do) that they were my direct competition, however I didn’t actually take it upon myself to read the ingredients as (once again I presumed it was a Banting convenience product such as the kind that we produce) and am therefor very thankful that I was able to read this blog about the facts that you have presented to us. I do see how others like me could be mislead into thinking that this range is infact a Banting range. Very clever of woollies to have used the name “carb clever”. They have definitely made sure they protect themselves. #Sneeky

    • Sneaky for sure Bronwyn!

      Amazing is how Woolworths denies that it supports Prof Noakes’ LCHF/Banting eating plan!

    • Hermann says:

      I don’t really get how it’s sneaky. Woolies is a big business and, given the success of the Noakes’ banting diet, they found an area in which they could capitalize. In my opinion there is no trickery or farces in this range, just in the opinion of this author.

      • Woolworth is distancing itself from ‘Banting’ and Professor Tim Noakes, and has Tweeted this.

        It is misleading what they have done, especially as the products DO contain carbohydrates!

        • Hermann says:

          There is nothing misleading about a releasing a product range that has nothing to do with a completely seperate movement/diet. Nowhere did Woolworths state their Carbclever range is banting friendly. It seems that you are upset at Woolworths for releasing a product range that has nothing to do with banting after you (in this article) tried to label their Carbclever range as “banting” friendly. Chris, if you really feel this strongly about this, you should tackle the supplement companies for “advertising” certain of their concoctions as high protein when the product has more carbs than protein. The only thing misleading (in my opinion) is your views on this matter.

          • I m not sure what it is that you are trying to say Hermann, appearing to contradict yourself.

            I do not accept that what I have written is ‘misleading’ – please clarify your accusation!

          • Wendy Glynn Makovinyi says:

            Sorry Chris, but you “don’t seem to be sure” whatever anyone who disagrees with you is saying. I can’t find fault with Woolworths marketing a “low carb” product seeing that this diet is so popular now. I am a “everything in moderation” person – absolutely stay away from strict “prescribed” diets. A little bit of everything does me no harm; just adding this to show I’m on no one’s side.

          • It’s downright dishonest to market a ‘low carb’ range when the carbs are hidden in the ingredient fineprint Wendy.

            When I don’t understand what a commenter is getting at, surely I may ask for clarification, or say so?

  11. Louie says:

    The only comment I want to leave is that nobody ever said that your not allowed any carbs in banting. The article refers to “no carbs” which is a false statement. You are allowed carbs in banting and it depends on the individual how much is advisable to eat. Only a few grams are allowed but they are allowed. I’m not choosing sides, just saying…

  12. Brandon Nel says:

    Hey Chris, popular post! On which packs do the words “cauli mash” appear as I never noticed that when the products suddenly appeared at the Cavendish Woolies a couple of weeks ago?

    • Welcome back Brandon, long time no hear!

      If you read the blogpost again, you will see that Woolworths’ CarbClever Fresh CauliMash as well as the Fresh Shepherd’s Pie contain CauliMash! Look out for them at the V&A Waterfront branch.

  13. Tammy says:

    The Woolies meals do not say “no carbs” they say “carb clever” and “no rice” “no potato” and “no pasta”. They also don’t claim to be banting meals either. They are basically ordinary meals without the starch.

    • Woolworths plays the Banting game very smartly Tammy.

      I know from an inside source that this is their Banting product range, without referring to it as such! When we first published this post, they admitted in a Tweet that they would not link themselves to the Banting name not to Professor Tim Noakes, being synonymous with Banting.

  14. Rina Kersten says:

    This blog is totally misleading, and it seems that the author has something against Woolies. Banting and Prof Noakes is definitely not the diet of choice for all on earth. Nobody forces you to purchase any of their food on offer in die Slimmers Section. We have a choice of what we eat and where to buy it. Being a vegetarian is a choice I made and cannot expect any retailer to alter their range just because of that.

    Low carb is also not only relevant to Banting but also to us runners, builders, lifters, etc. Don’t claim what’s not yours to claim

    • Thank you for your point of view Rina.

      I have nothing against Woolworth, but I dislike being misled by the retailer. I have not claimed anything that is not mine to claim, as you allege! I have motivated everything I have criticised.

      Quite frankly, I do not understand the bulk of what you are trying to communicate.

      • Rina Kersten says:

        You don’t have to understand because the only opinion that have any relevance its yours – there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind

        • My, you sound very angry Rina – do you work for Woolworths?

          I don’t have any vested interests in any business mentioned on my blogpost, so your criticism is completely unfounded.

          I was asking for your help to make me understand your first comment, so that I can be better able to respond.

          Why has it taken you 6 months to respond to this blogpost?

    • Laura says:


      Why do people assume that, just because a meal has low carbs or no carbs, its following in the steps of Tim Noakes “banting”… many diabetics have to stay off carbs or stick to a low carb diet, but are not following banting.
      I am a vegetarian and do not advocate Tim Noakes Banting diet – and further to that – if you are abreast of latest news, Tim Noakes has recently backtracked on his whole banting diet advise.

      Thanks Woolies for thinking out the box for those of us who require some “convenient help” every so often when one DOESN’T have time to cook a meal from scratch

  15. YesIMightBeRight says:

    Congratualtions on a very, very interesting blog and one along the lines I wanted to write myself 🙂

    Woolworths (like Discovery) is facing a real dilemma. What is healthy food and what is not? And I have a suspicion the stakes are much higher than what we think. I started ‘banting’ during February 2014 (yes I am an early adopter) and back in the bad ole days you were hard pushed to find unhealthy stuffs like full-fat cream, etc. on the shelves at Woolworths and these were typically the items that went past its sell-by date. If they could they would’ve stocked it next to the cigarettes with a health warning!

    I have watched with great interest how Woolworths has changed its shelving since then – I have a few pics to prove it too :). And I am 100% convinced Woolworths are in it for the bottom line only. And yes, why should it be any different? I have seen coconut oil slowly being awarded greater and greater shelf space together with Avocado Oil (what is that??) and real butter (gasp) and full fat cream (sies!) and my own personal favourite: full cream Feta Cheese. Now Feta Cheese was/is sold as the low fat high carb ‘healthy option’ or the high fat low carb smokers’ option, one for those-who-have-no-regard-for-their-health option. And by the way, they are still sold in tubs that look almost identical and I am sure many shoppers purchased the wrong one by mistake… Initially, one was lucky to get the full-fat option. One, maybe two of the fatty tubs were stored. Fast forward to today and suddenly the fatness option dominates the shelf, but then guess what? By closing time the low-fat option is standing over to tomorrow with perhaps one or two fatty tubs left. So. In a very slow and attritional manner health conscious shoppers are turning Auntie Woolworths’ arm. But Woolworths will change their habits and fight back, I am convinced, only at a price. If you want to be a health freak in our shops then ze weel make you pay, ya?

  16. emcon1 says:

    In truth it doesn’t say banting so I wouldn’t believe it to be banting friendly. It is what it says: Fresh carb conscious meals. If you want everybody to support your banting habit then I am sorry but it is not going to happen. Stop whimpering about how woolwirths mislead you whennit seems you actually wanted to be mislead. They are right. You are wrong. You read through all thise packages and ingrediemts but didn’t look for the word “banting” on the packaging. How dumb.

    Did you write a complaint to Castrol because their oil tastes gross on your salad???

  17. Bellatjie says:

    I agree with emcon1, this was boring. It says carb clever, which it is, low in carb. It’s also our responsibility as consumer to read labels and insure we make right choices, depending on which diet we are following.

  18. CANDIPOT says:

    It isn’t banting it is carb clever… LCHF has many faces. Banting is very restrictive and although I absolutely love it as a way of starting your new lifestyle and learning to eat LCHF, it is not the bible. I banted for nearly 2 years exclusively and after losing 35kg, I focused more on LCHF than banting as per say. I have honey now instead of xylitol or sugar or aspartame. I use it minimally and it has had no negative effects on my weight or health. I keep my carbs to a minimum and still don’t touch grains and potatoes and rice and corn etc, unless on a special occasion once in a blue moon lol. But my life has been changed for the better thanks to Banting and now as I simply maintain my new lifestyle I find products like Woolworths Carb Clever range incredibly helpful!

  19. Laura says:

    Why do people assume that, just because a meal has low carbs or no carbs, its following in the steps of Tim Noakes “banting”… many diabetics have to stay off carbs or stick to a low carb diet, but are not following banting.
    I am a vegetarian and do not advocate Tim Noakes Banting diet – and further to that – if you are abreast of latest news, Tim Noakes has recently backtracked on his whole banting diet advise.

    Thanks Woolies for thinking out the box for those of us who require some “convenient help” every so often when one DOESN’T have time to cook a meal from scratch

  20. Ayan Booyens says:

    Hey I’m just trying to eat less than 20g of total carbs per day. I’ve never liked the idea of keto or banting but thought I’d give it a shot seeing as I count kilojoules anyway. These meals are really tasty, I can scan the barcode into an app, and the app tells me how many grams of which macro-nutrients i can still eat in a day. For someone who is just curious about what types of thing to eventually try to cook at home, it’s a nice entry point. I don’t cook for a family but rather sit at my desk for most of the day so either way this is better than mac donald’s, simply asia, cinnabon, pizza, and whatever else i used to buy when I’d pop off to the shops for lunch. I just wish that they’d find a reusable packaging rather than single use semi-recyclable containers. Basically its a nice thing to sell l to the majority of customers who don’t follow dietary restrictions.

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