Restaurant Review: Leaf Restaurant and Bar still very green, but good value!


It is a strange feeling to enter the newly opened Asian Leaf Restaurant and Bar in what was the location of two favourite restaurants – The Showroom and Portofino – in that the restaurant interior is exactly as it was when Cormac Keane closed Portofino in April, with a few changes – grass green serviettes on the side plates, brand new staff wearing green Leaf-branded T-shirts, and a massive ghetto-blaster out on the deck, with too-loud music.  The hardest thing about going to Leaf will be to choose what to eat, its choice of dishes being so vast.  In general, the prices are very reasonable, and the portions generous, offering excellent value for money.  Anyone looking for the two previous restaurants and their cuisine should stay away.

The opening of the restaurant was delayed due to a problem in getting the credit card machine installed. The restaurant had opened just more than a week before I visited it, and I went back on the following day, as I did not have much time on my first visit.    I sat outside on the deck for my Saturday lunch, and almost choked on my calamari when I saw the massive ghetto-blaster, which had been set up on the deck, on a table with a table cloth.  I asked if they were going to have a party, but it was meant to create atmosphere outside, to attract a younger crowd, said the Manager Ambrose.  Fortunately the music was switched off when I sat outside, it being unbearably loud.  The deck looks fuller in having more chairs and tables than in the past, and each outside chair has a red blanket, a clash with the green theme.    A hand-written blackboard welcomes one on arrival, advertising a most amazing sushi special offer – 51 % (no, not a typing error) off all a la carte sushi from 11h00 – 19h00 daily, and all-day on Sundays.

Owner James Ye (Chinese for ‘leaf’) bought the restaurant from Keane, and took over all fixtures and fittings.   Manager Ambrose, with ‘cheffing skills’, he said, when he prepared my calamari for the first lunch, worked at the Cape Town Fish Market for the past twelve years, leaving as Executive Head Chef responsible for menu development and costing.  Ye came from China to be a sushi chef at the V&A Waterfront branch of the Cape Town Fish Market, and left to open The Empire on Main Road in Sea Point, and also opened Saki in the Sable Centre in Montague Gardens.  He is also a frozen seafood supplier.  A number of staff at Leaf have worked at the Waterfront branch of the Cape Town Fish Market, and this made me nervous about my first meal there.   I was pleasantly surprised when my calamari was served – a massive plate with a very large portion of Patagonian calamari tubes, egg rice, tartar sauce made with Japanese mayonnaise, and the most wonderful steamed carrots and beans, an absolute steal at R79.  I was the only guest in the restaurant on this first visit.

I returned for Sunday lunch, now sitting inside, and having two more tables for company.  The ghetto-blaster had been moved under the outside table, but the table cloth which was meant to hide it was not long enough to do so.  The table cloths and serviettes look badly ironed, if at all, and we questioned the side-plates being on the right – Ambrose said he wants Leaf to be different!   Some knives had their serrated edges to the outside, rather than facing inside the setting, little signs of how new the staff are.   Staff stretch in front of one when clearing items away, or in bringing additional cutlery, a pet hate.  Any ex-regular would cringe if they saw the rose patterned cushions that are placed over the definitive ghost chairs of the restaurant.  We were served a very tasty onion focaccia bread with a crispy cheese crust, with a milk jug each of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.   It is clear that things are less pretty and more functional at Leaf, and I missed a woman’s hand in the management.

We were offered a complimentary cocktail, and I chose the ‘virgin’ “Peach Tree Mosquito”, a refreshing mix of fresh mint, lime juice, cane sugar, peach juice, soda and crushed ice.   Two champagnes are on the winelist, Veuve Cliquot and Pommery Brut Royale, at R999 and R1100, respectively.  MCC sparkling wines offered are Simonsig (R29/R175), Beyerskloof Brut Rose (R24/R145) and Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose (R265).  An innovative touch is the choice one has of ordering wine by the glass in 175 ml and 250 ml quantities, as well as by the bottle, allowing one to have different wines with each course or dish one eats.  The Sauvignon Blancs, for example, start at R 19 (175ml), R27 (250ml) and R79 (bottle) for the Du Toits Kloof brand, Zevenwacht 360 being the most expensive (R40/R60/R170).   For Shiraz lovers the entry level is Robertson (R20/R29/R87), and Diemersdal (R14/R62/R185) the most expensive.   A good selection of wines is offered per varietal.

Leaf has three menus: Sushi, Hot Pot and Dim Sum, and a standard a la carte menu. None of the three menus are integrated design-wise, and some have photographs of some of the dishes, while others do not.  The a la carte menu is the most professional looking, and is dominated by leaves on the pages.  I started with a Hand roll of avo and prawn from the Sushi menu, which normally has salmon and caviar added, but which I declined – the normal price is R 39, but with the 51 %-off, it only costs R19.   I cannot eat a hand roll by hand, so I was brought a steak knife to cut it.  I love the prawn and avo hand roll at Fu.shi in Plettenberg Bay, and that is my benchmark.  That of Leaf came close, but the end bits were dry, with the mayonnaise too concentrated in the middle.   Sushi lovers will delight in the vast variety offered, including Sashimi platters (16 pieces for R138), Salmon platters and Tuna platters (21 pieces for R149), and eight combination choices of R99 Sushi platters.   The Sushi menu also offers Crab, Prawn, Vegetable, Seared Tuna and Japenese (sic) Seafood salads, ranging from R30 – R58.   Other options are smaller portions of Sashimi, Nigiri, Fashion Sandwich, Maki, Inside Out Roll and Edo Roll, as well as Tempura vegetables and prawns, and a selection of hand rolls.

The Dim Sum menu offers eighteen choices of steamed and pan-fried dumplings, deep fried wontons, and more, with prices ranging from R28 – R48, while the Hot Pot menu offers sixteen choices, ranging from R22 for Tofu to R150 for Crayfish.  I did not have anything off this menu, being overwhelmed by the menu options offered across the three menus.

The a la carte menu tries hard to get away from the “Chinese” label the restaurant has already earned prior to its opening, and Manager Ambrose asked me specifically to not refer to it as a Chinese restaurant.  The Starters include Oysters (R15 – R20), Harumaki (deep-fried spring rolls), Calamari, Mussels, Tuna Tartare, Tempura, and Dumplings, no item costing more than R59, and Crayfish Cocktail (R99).  The Tempura prawn starter had five Indian Tiger Prawns, served as the most wonderful deepfried crispy thick “Japanese style battered morsels of food”, with sweet chilli sauce, at R40.  The Chicken springrolls were delicious, with a different crispy batter, costing R25.  Soups are Eastern in style, including Tom Yum, at R48.  Salads range in price from R48 – R58.  Fish and chips cost R40. Three calamari dishes range from R59 – R79.  Crayfish is served grilled or steamed, at R249, or Thermidor, at R299 – no weight/size is specified.   Seafood platters, served with a choice of two sides, range from R99 for line fish to R499 for the Executive (crayfish, scallops, line fish, prawns, baby squid, calamari and mussels).   Steak options are Sirloin (200 g for R79, 300 g for R109), and fillet (250 g for R119), and one can also order lamb shank, lamb chops and oxtail.  Three chicken dishes range from R59 – R79, while two Duck options are available, Peking Duck at R149, and Marinated Duck at R119.  I chose the latter, and was disappointed with its taste and presentation – it was served on a bed of chopped lettuce, with a very rich dark sweet soy sauce, making the plate look very messy.  The duck was nowhere near my duck benchmark, being that of Haiku.  Sticky rice and steamed vegetables were well prepared.   I was surprised to not see any desserts on the menu, but I am sure that no one could manage to eat any, after the great selection of starters and main courses. Coffee is by LavAzza.

One leaves Leaf confused about whether one likes the restaurant or not, and one tends to think back of wonderful meals and chats one had with Bruce and Cormac, given the familiarity of the furnishings.   If one loves Eastern food, and seeks value for money, one can do no better than to eat at Leaf.  The staff need time and practice to get their service up to speed, but in general they are friendly and eager to please.  Food is served the whole day, and not in lunch and dinner time bands, as is so common, which means that one can pop in at any time if one is feeling peckish.  Given time, Leaf can blossom, and bring new life to this restaurant space.

Leaf Restaurant and Bar, Harbour Edge Building, Chiappini Street, Green Point, Cape Town.  Tel (021) 418-4500. (The “webside” is still under construction).

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio:

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11 replies on “Restaurant Review: Leaf Restaurant and Bar still very green, but good value!”

  1. Had lunch there today. They seem a friendly bunch and very receptive to comments – even though I had quite a number and could have said more! Very (perhaps too) extensive menu. Wine list has no vintages (but at least they had unfiltered Fleur du Cap Chardonnay – 250ml glass price at exactly a third of bottle price. I had a leaflet offering a free cocktail and dim sum. No restriction on the cocktail so chose a kir royale (too much cassis for my taste) but waiter said he would remember for next time! They also offer a Bellini (but not made with peach – only strawberry, granadilla or lime). Nice to have a choice of 175ml or 250ml glasses of wine but a pity the former is served in a glass which only just holds that amount. Bread was tasty as was the complimentary dim sum. The calamari strips with asian fries was a generous portion – unfortunately mine was served cold, but replaced without question. Calamari was fine, the Asian fries were anemic chips and fried onions. While I like pak choi not quite sure why it was also included with this dish. Personally I could have done without the music and some aspects of service require refinement. To their credit they removed the charge for the extra cocktail and the two glasses of wine. A nice gesture which may just result in a second visit!

  2. Thank you for your feedback Michael.

    We are going back for the Tempura prawns before Jephta tonight.

  3. We ate their two weeks ago Sunday and I couldn’t stop raving about it. Last night, we returned and absolutely everyting was wrong. Apparently there was no manager on duty.
    I will definately be calling them today becasue I hope to see this restaurant soar.

  4. […] *   Leaf Restaurant and Bar: 51 % off sushi from 11h00 – 19h00, and all day on Sunday; 12 prawn platter R89, Dimsum 30 % off. 50 % off cocktails all day Sunday. Summer. Tel (021) 418-4500 […]

  5. […] *   Leaf Restaurant and Bar: 51 % off sushi from 11h00 – 19h00, and all day on Sunday; 12 prawn platter R89, Dimsum 30 % off. 50 % off cocktails all day Sunday. Summer. Tel (021) 418-4500 […]

  6. Good food and value cannot excuse bad service. I have been twice now and both times have left more angry with what can only be described as a distinct lack of service. Both times there was no consensus on what was actually on special and who specials were for – one waiter said it was for VIP cardholders another said it was for everyone. There are also too many waiters who fall over each other trying to help the same table. On my second visit i went straight after work for a very quick dinner, drank water and ordered straight off the menu – no replacements or substitutions nothing to confuse. We were also the only table downstairs for the entire time we were there. We ordered dim sum and sushi about 10 mins after sitting down. Our waiter brought us our dim sum with a choice of 3 sauces which he has messed all over the plate holding them – this did not seem to bother him. After about 45 minutes i asked when we could except our sushi – his reply – VERY SOON , HAVE YOU ORDERED YET? – i had ordered from him 2 X R75 platters – nothing confusing… our waiter runs to the till rings up the platters and asks the chef to make it very very quickly. Our food arrives soon afterwards looking like it had been made in a hurry, the rice is falling apart as we pick it up and its almost impossible to eat with a chopstick. After eating I call a waitress to ask if she could please bring me the bill. My old waiter is no longer making eye contact. The new waitress looks at me, acknowledges that I want her to come to my table, walks towards me, stops at a table in front of me, picks up a candle, walks to another table, puts the candle on the new table and walks back to the front of the restaurant. The manager is standing behind the bar watching this while swinging a bunch of keys around his finger. SPEECHLESS i try compose myself, ask another waiter for the bill and get out of the restaurant as quickly as possible.

  7. I cannot agree more with some of these comments, just returned from a dinner at Leaf and I was already having a sh*t day and it made it even worse, when all I was looking forward to was to relax and eat sushi, shees how many staff members do they need ? Is it THAT busy? And do they not do a menu test before their employed? We had the most shocking service, he kept rushing us and when I asked for afew more minutes he would just stand there. I then had questions about the halfprice sushi and they answered’ we dont know’ then I asked what was in each sushi roll as there is not a description, I then get the answer’i dunno’ , I mean… seriously?

    We then hurriedly ordered and it as rather simple, I order two portions of sashimi a handroll and a tempura roll, it came back with one sashim , the handroll and a tuna grange instead… huh!?
    I preceded to comment that I had ordered two sashimi portions and he then has the nerve to comment, no you didn’t look at this slip it says one. .
    10 minutes pass he comes to check up on us, I ask where second portion of sashimi is… he says ‘what? you didnt order a second portion’? oh my G*D … no, never mind, i really didnt,

    There were also flies everywhere and it was just horrid. Come bill time we each put down a 200rand note as thats what we both had on us and we needed equal change back, our waiter didnt understand that part either.


    Its not even worth half price sushi

    oh they do dimsum? Didnt even get the menu.

    never going again.

  8. Gosh Laura, it sounds dreadful. I haven’t been back for over a year, and wouldn’t want to, after your feedback.


  9. […] Leaf Restaurant and Bar: 50 % off sushi all day, Dimsum 30 % off, Burgers R50 – R65.  Winter. Tel (021) 418-4500 […]

  10. I have been to Leaf a few times over the past year, and only had good service and food from them. The only time that we ever waited more then 15 min for our food was when all the table’s were full and our table were about 10pax.

    We go atleast every 2 months for their all you can eat sushi…and from reading the posts above can only think that they have improved their service. Or we just get lucky with a good waiter. Eitherway, I will continue to go back to them as they are by far my fav sushi restourant, and the most affordable!

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